Tier 4 Loot Crates
Only deliverable on the Solo Cluster cluster!

Your order: Tier 4 Loot Crates

  • Order contents:

    Each Package Contains The Following Content.

    30 Desert Drop Box: Chance of Getting Dino's and Saddles (Use /lootbox red in game to open a Desert Drops)

    20 Cave Drop Box: Chance of S+ Structures and Resources (Use /lootbox yellow in game to open Cave Drops)

    15 Jungle Drop Box: Chance of Armor and Weapons, with a chance of BPs ( Use /lootbox green in game to open Jungle Drops)

  • Price: 50 tokens

When do I get it?

Your order is delivered automatically in less than 1 minute. You're alerted in-game on the status.